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The first step to optimum skin heath.

Our professional skin analysis with OBSERVE 520 provides an in depth insight into the condition of your skin.

Our team will provide you with a customised report into your overall skin health, along with a recommended skincare and treatment plan to help you achieve your long-term skin goals.

5 BENEFITS of a skin diagnosis

  • 100% safe and harmless analysis method.
  • The ability to respond to real skin needs and prevent future imperfections by using the right products and treatments.
  • Keep track of progress with your skin care professional.
  • Discrete and personal skin analysis report.
  • Start your new skin health plan.


With 8modes of advanced skin alalysis technology

  1. Daylight Mode – evaluating the skin in bright but neutral illumination, this mode provides a clear, clinical evaluation of the skin as it regularly appears for before and after images.
  2. Surface Texture – reveals the skin’s textural topography.
  3. Pigmentation – illustrates common skin tone irregularities such as sun damage, pigmentation, melasma and general colour variations.
  4. Redness – illustrates the network of microvascular structures in the skin that lead to redness and visible facial flushing.
  5. Parallel Polarised Mode – filter technology is used to enhance the skin’s surface textures, revealing the glyphic patterns, pore structures, fine surface textures and wrinkles in great detail.
  6. Cross Polarised Mode – view of dermal structure, vascular conditions, inflammations and pigmentation.
  7. True UV Mode – this mode identities skin conditions beneath the skin’s surface such as pore health, pigmentation, sun damage, sebum gland distribution and future skin concerns.
  8. Simulated Woods Light – adjusts the spectrum of light to reveal diagnostic dimensions, such as skin dehydration and oiliness.





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